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Privacy Policy

Due to a new regulation in the European Union, any website that processes EU citizens' data must have a privacy policy that discloses how that information is used. Despite the fact that I'm not in the EU, and I don't often do business with people in EU countries, I do get website visitors from the EU... And apparently that is enough to require me to have a privacy policy.

The privacy policy, if you want to read it in its full glory, can be found on the footer (bottom) of every page of my website.

However, allow me to break it down into language we can all understand:

First, my website uses a tool called Visitor Analytics, which uses cookies. It shows me how many website visits I get, what pages are looked at and for how long, and where that visitor is located. Locations are not precise -- I can only see what general region the visitor's IP address originates from. Your IP address is "pseudonymized," so even if I knew how, I couldn't use your IP address to find out who you are or where you're from. This tool simply allows me to learn how my website is being used, and how to make it better.

Second, if you contact me, any information you give me (your name, email address, shipping address, etc.) will only be used to communicate with you, to ask any relevant questions regarding an order, to fulfill any order you may place, to arrange payments, and to provide customer service. To repeat a worn-out joke, your information is only seen by the NSA and myself.

I don't send out email surveys, newsletters, promotions, or any other BS that will clutter up your inbox. I hate spam as much as anyone, so that will never change.

Third, I don't keep any sort of payment information. Most payments I receive are sent through PayPal, so I never even see your credit card information -- that is all handled by PayPal. In other cases, a check or money order is sent, so there is no digital information involved.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me about it.

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