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Introducing a new line of economy holsters - Bilge Rat, by Privateer

I realize that not everyone can (or wants to) spend a lot of money on a high-end holster. This is where the Bilge Rat line comes in!

These holsters don't have all the features of my regular offerings, but they're still solid, functional holsters, at a more accessible price.

Here's what's different with the Bilge Rat line:
  • The patterns have been simplified to ease production

  • No body shields

  • No reinforcement panels

  • Although there is some basic molding for proper retention, there is no detail boning

What hasn't changed:
  • They're still made out of premium Hermann Oak leather, tanned in the USA

  • They're still build with borderline-OCD attention to detail

  • The edges are still beveled and burnished (a step ignored on almost all low-end, and many mid-range holsters)

So, what's the catch?

These are strictly in-stock items. What you see listed is what's available.

These are built in my spare time. I will list them on the Bilge Rat page when they're available, but I will not be accepting orders for Bilge Rat holsters.

As with all in-stock items, shipping is on me (USPS to the lower 48 states). For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally, please contact me.

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