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Blemished Items


Brace yourselves: I am not perfect. Here you'll find items that are serviceable, but not completely up to par in some way (usually aesthetically). These items are discounted to reflect that, and as with all other in-stock holsters, shipping (USPS to the lower 48 states) is on me.

If you're interested in anything listed here, please contact me via the contact form, or email me at .

G48 Limpet half shield lefty BLEM $
Limpet (Blemished)

  • Fit Glock 48 or 43X magazine
  • Includes a half body shield
  • For the right side of the body (Left-handed user)

  • Saddle tan

  • Slots for a 1.5" belt

  • There is a small scuff on the front side, just above the slot for the magazine catch.  

$40 (regularly $60)
Blemished Hwy Staccato-P $105 1.jpg
Blemished Hwy Staccato-P $105 2.jpg
Highwayman (Blemished)

  • Fits Staccato P (formerly STI Staccato-P)
  • Right-handed

  • Russet Brown

  • Slots for a 1.5" belt

  • I slipped... twice... when detail boning this holster (see second picture). There was much swearing.

$105 (regularly $140)
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