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Rogue - $125

Add exotic/embossed trim  +$35

Add optic cut* (w/ reinforced body shield) +$20

For tooled or basketweave-stamped options, please see the "Trim Options" page!

The Rogue is a mid-ride pancake-style holster with a reinforced mouth and a body shield.

This model was designed as a zero-cant ("straight drop") holster, and is essentially a pancake-style version of the Nomad.

*The Rogue can be modified to work with most optics. Please let me know what optic you're using, so that I can verify compatibility.

2020 Color Options web.jpg

Pancake-style OWB holsters have many advantages: They are more stable, they tend to tuck the gun in more effectively and conceal better, and most people find them to be more comfortable, too.

OWB holsters have the slots cut for 1-1/2" belts by default, but most models can accommodate other belt sizes. Just let me know which size you need. (NOTE: some holsters for very small guns can not accommodate 1-3/4" belt slots.)


All products are available in the colors shown above.

Top row, L to R: Black, Russet Brown, Saddle Tan, Walnut, and Suntan.

Bottom row: Cordovan, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Natural.

Two-tone finishes are also available.

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