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Pillager 1.jpg
Pillager - $140

Add exotic/embossed trim  +$50

For tooled or basketweave-stamped options, please see the "Trim Options" page!

The Pillager shares construction features with the Vigilante, but has been optimized for revolvers.

Like the Vigilante, the Pillager was designed for those who need a lot of body shield coverage to protect their side from the sharp parts of the firearm. The body shield is designed to cover the hammer spur and rear sight.


This model has a reinforced mouth, and features a generous forward cant for better concealment, even while sitting or bending over.

The belt loops are widely spaced to distribute weight, and they fasten with Pull The Dot brand one-way snaps.


This model can be made with the variable-cant option. 

*The Pillager will NOT work with optics. 

Pillager 2.jpg
Pillager 4.jpg
2020 Color Options web.jpg

Inside-The-Waistband holsters ride between the body and the pants. Generally speaking, they offer greater concealment than Outside-The-Waistband holsters.


The belt loops for IWB holsters are made for 1-1/2" belts by default, but most models can accommodate 1-1/4" and 1-3/4" belts, too. Just let me know what size you use.


All products are available in the colors shown above.

Top row, L to R: Black, Russet Brown, Saddle Tan, Walnut, and Suntan.

Bottom row: Cordovan, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Natural.

Two-tone finishes are also available.

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