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Nomad - $125

Add exotic/embossed trim  +$40

The Nomad is a mid-riding Avenger-style holster with a reinforced mouth and body shield.


This model was designed as a zero-cant ("straight drop") holster.



2-tone Cmdr Nomad blk interior $155.jpg
2020 Color Options web.jpg

Avenger-style holsters are a favorite for range use. They are generally not as stable or concealable as pancake-style holsters, but they are more compact in design, and they take up less space on the belt.

OWB holsters have the slots cut for 1-1/2" belts by default, but most models can accommodate other belt sizes. Just let me know which size you need. (NOTE: some holsters for very small guns can not accommodate 1-3/4" belt slots.)


All products are available in the colors shown above.

Top row, L to R: Black, Russet Brown, Saddle Tan, Walnut, and Suntan.

Bottom row: Cordovan, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Natural.

Two-tone finishes are also available.

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