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Now on Instagram, and more news

Privateer Leather is now on Instagram

I had some family members talk me into joining Instagram. As it turns out, it is a simple way to share pictures of my work, and is far less time-intensive compared to other things I have tried. If you are inclined to do so, you can follow me here.

New holster model

I have finally gotten around to adding the Rogue to the website. It is essentially a pancake-style version of the Nomad, so it shares the Nomad's ride height and zero-cant configuration. You can find it in the "pancake-style OWB holsters" section.

New gun mold

I can now make holsters for the S&W M&P Shield in .45ACP, and the Gun List has been updated accordingly.

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New gun molds added

I can now make holsters for the following guns: Glock 34 (long slide 9mm) Glock 41 (long slide 45ACP) H&K VP9sk Sccy CPX-2 (no rail) Walther CCP M2 As always, if you don't see your gun listed on the g

Lots of new gun molds added!

I've just added a bunch of new molds to the Gun List. I can now build holsters for the following guns: Beretta PX4 Storm Compact (3.27" barrel) Glock 43X MOS (w/ rail) Ruger MkII standard (4.75" taper

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