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New items & New gun molds

New Items

I have just added a few new items to the website. Most of them are new additions to the lineup of magazine carriers, but there are a couple things that are completely new.

The first of those is the Guardsman, which is a simple key-ring keeper.


It has a one-way snap so that it can easily be put on or taken off of your belt. It uses a solid brass halter snap to keep your key-ring secure. The hardware is available in both brass and nickel finishes. You can find it under "Accessories & Miscellaneous."

The other new item is the Croc, which is a pouch that holds a revolver speed-strip.

Croc, closed

The name was suggested by the same longtime customer who suggested the concept, and helped me test it out.

Croc, open

The flap is secured with a one-way snap, and it can be put on or taken off very easily. Please note that the Croc is currently only available for .38/.357 six-round speed strips. If you need one for something other than that, please let me know!

The other items are double mag carriers. The Double Limpet and Double Urchin are both listed in the "Magazine & Ammunition Carriers" section, and there are more additions to the Mag Carrier lineup coming soon.

Double Limpet

Double Urchin

New Gun Molds

I have added the following new gun molds:

  • Colt Rail Gun (also Colt M45A1)

  • Smith & Wesson 4006

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