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2016 Holiday Deadlines (and more)

Holiday Order Deadlines, and Vacation

The holiday season is sneaking up quickly. Even before my wait times got so long, the holidays have been a crazy and hectic time, so this year I'm attempting to get out in front of it. This is complicated somewhat by the fact that I will be going on vacation this December. The dates are tentative right now, but it looks like I'll be gone from Dec 10 through Dec 17th. It's my first vacation in almost 8 years, and I'm pretty excited for it, so I'm hoping that I can plan around the chaos.

To make sure that your items will arrive in time for Christmas, please place your holiday orders on or before October 9th (so that they can be finished and shipped by Dec 9th). I will still accept orders after that, of course, I just can't guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas.

FAQ Updated

The Frequently Asked Questions section has been updated with a few new entries.

New Gun Mold

I can now make holsters for the H&K USP Compact 9mm/.40 S&W.

#Announcements #Newgunmolds

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