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Email SNAFU & new gun molds

If you have tried to email me recently, please bear with me. I've been having some issues with my email account.

Apparently when you hit a certain level of email volume, some safeguards are instituted to make sure that you're not some spammer running Nigerian royalty scams, or something like that. These safeguards are intermittently locking me out of sending further messages until I prove I'm aboveboard, and not a spambot.

I can still read incoming messages, but my ability to respond is limited. I will continue to respond as much as they'll allow.

I'm working to fix this, and I'll post another update as soon as I figure it out.

New Gun Molds

I've added the following new gun molds to the gun list:

  • Sig P230/P232

  • Heckler & Koch HK45


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