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At long last - Belts!

Since I started making holsters, folks have been requesting belts. It has taken me over a year to gather the tools and supplies to make that a reality. Now the time has finally arrived!

The Man-O'-War is a 1-1/2" double-layer gun belt made from two layers of 7-ounce leather bonded and stitched together. The layers are glued together while the belt is curved, which gives the belt a natural curved shape that keeps it from feeling like you managed to buckle a 2x4 around your waist. If you carry a bigger, all-steel gun (like a 1911, a Browning Hi Power, or a CZ-75), this is just the ticket.

The Merchantman is a 1-1/2" single-layer belt made from thick 11-ounce leather. This is a lower-cost alternative, and a great option for those who don't carry every day, or those who carry a J-frame inside the waistband, or a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. It's also an option for those who don't want a plastic faux-leather belt from a big-box store.

Cheap, crappy buckles are a pet-peeve of mine, so you won't find that here. The buckles I use are the highest quality available anywhere. They're made from solid low-lead brass, and along with the chicago screws, are available in either brass or nickel finish.

You can see pricing and sizing information in the new "belts" section.

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