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Changes coming for OWB revolver holsters

For a little while now, the outside-the-waistband revolver holsters have caused some confusion due to the fact that they carried the gun at a different height than their semi-auto counterparts. For example, a Corsair for a K-frame S&W had the same ride height as a Highwayman for a 1911.

The downside of a "one man show" is that when problems like this arise, the only one to blame is myself! Revolver holsters account for a fraction of my orders, so somehow I managed to keep the issue on the back burner. Then, over the weekend, I got over half a dozen orders or inquiries for wheelgun holsters... It immediately became clear that I need to fix this mess.

In order to bring the revolver holsters in line with everything else, I'm designing a new Corsair for revolvers that will have the appropriate low ride height, and the existing models will have their names changed to reflect their ride heights. Finally, the different holster models will have consistent ride heights, no matter whether the holster is for a revolver or a semi-auto.

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